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Changes to Decks/Assists/Skills

So today I've decided to fine tune the battle system quite a bit.


Deck size will now be 50 cards. An adjustment from the previous 70 card deck. All 4-5 Number cards have been cut. This means only the 4 types of colors 1-3 will be available for using Hyper Skills.


Changes to the Assist have also been made. From now on players will not have 3 copies of 3 different Assists. They will have 1 copy only and will be able to be used once per turn. But instead of only one Assist being allowed per turn, you can now use one of each of your Assist on your turn.


Certain Abilities and Skills have had to be changed in order to make gameplay consistent with this new battle system.

I'm looking forward to further playtesting with this newer battle system. My goal is to keep maintain an interesting, face pace game that is both fun and challenging.

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